About Protech

Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven is a home, a safe space, built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

What happens when you introduce three entrepreneurs, each an expert in their own right, industry, sector and country, during a time in business when the global economy is being ravaged by an unstoppable pandemic that sweeps across nations, forcing small businesses to their knees? Well they start saving the global economy, one small business at a time, ofcourse. #ProTechHappens


Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven was created for these small businesses. It offers support to entrepreneurs in innovative ways. Our service offering combines the best of all our areas of expertise and offers this with a lot of love, understanding and support to the entrepreneurs we work with. What makes Explore ProTech a true entrepreneurial haven is not just what we offer, but how we offer it. Community, care and innovation - those are our values - and we strive to comply with them in everything we do.


We believe, now more than ever, that the path towards a better and brighter future for all of us is in supporting our #economicwarriors so that they can fight boldly and bravely on the frontline of the battle against the onslaughts on our global economy. This is our heart and our future.

The Protech Team

Our team is made up of experts across the areas of accounting, sales, marketing, monetisation and training. Its the one things that sets us apart from the competition and enables us to offer a supremely unique and valuable approach to supporting entrepreneurs on a global scale. We collaborate in everything we do which means we are quick to pivot, agile as an organisation and can offer so much more to each and every single one of our customers. 

Nestene Botha

Nestene Botha (CA)SA RA

Director: ProTech Training Solutions

Proud ProTech Mentor

Area of Expertise: Numbers, Strategy, Tax, Teaching

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Peter Hingston

Peter Hingston

Director: ProTech Sales Solutions

Proud ProTech Mentor

Area of Expertise: Tribes & Team building, Collaboration & Practical Leadership