Becoming a #ProTechMentor 12 Week Workshop

Being a #ProTechMentor is about more than just being an expert in your field. It's about more than being "just another" business coach and it's so much more than just having a cool title and hashtag to use in your social media posts. It's about becoming part of the backbone of our business family. It's about having the heart to really, truely step up and step into serving the entrepreneurial community that call #ProTech their home and us mentors their #Tribe. It's about being able to collaborate and bounce ideas off of your fellow #ProTechTribe members and mentors to create our future reality to look exactly how we want it. It's about #MakingItHappen and #ThatNeverGiveUpAttitude, being #StrongerTogether and serving our tribe.

It requires you to not only be an expert in your own field, but to also have a clear understanding of the various teaching methodologies we utilise in our teachings, the way we collaborate and our vision, mission and values. You need to be able to think on your feet and share your expertise in lively debate. You need to be committed to #ShowUp at our community driven events and to represent the heart of everything that #ProTech stands for in everything you do. You also need to be on the #EconomicKnights subscription level in our membership packages. Let's just say we are very particular about the people we partner with.

Being a #ProTechMentor, however will, without a doubt, be one of the most amazing, transformational and inspirational experiences of your entire career. I don't care where you've been or what you've done, or what you're currently doing for that matter - being part of the #ProTechTribe is such a heart-centered, transformational, uplifting experience, that it touches and transforms even the most experienced trainers/ experts/ coaches. The amount of opportunities that are unlocked for you because of being one of our proud #ProTechMentors is second to none in the business world.

Nothing of worth in life, comes easy

The #ProTechMentor 12 Week Workshop proudly powered by (you guessed it) ProTech has been designed to help you unlock the value you allready have inside of you, as a coach, trainer and mentor to entrepreneurs across the globe. It is an extremely strenuous course, not for the feint-hearted, but those that have successfully completed it always say that it is so WORTH IT.

The value of the course

Each candidate that successfully completes the 12 Week #ProTechMentor Workshop with us, walks away with:

1. The #ProTechMentor badge, certificate and recognition

2. Access to Mentor's only discussion forums, groups and networks

3. Eligibility for teaching on our current courses; when invited to do so

4. A dedicated page on our high-traffic website with integrated booking capability

5. A complete support system in business- for life - in the form of your fellow #ProTechMentors

6. Eligibility to suggest courses and work with our course design team in order to bring them to life in the best way possible

7. Eligibility to particpate in collaborative monetised #ProTechProjects

How do we do it?

The 12 Week #ProTechMentor Workshop is delivered in the following three phases:

Phase 1 (Week 1 - Week 4) - Find your Value

In this section of the course we assist you in rediscovering your value, mission, vision, expertise and passion. We help you define yourself as a unique #ProTechMentor - an essential part of the tribe.

Phase 2 (Week 5 - Week 8) - Find your Tribe

In this phase of the course we don't teach you our values, mission and vision, instead we kick it up notch, in true #ProTechStyle, and assist you in becoming the value, mission and vision of the tribe. 

Phase 3 (Week 9 - Week 12) - Change the Game

In this phase of the course its all about coming to terms with the disruptive techonolgies, strategies and methodologies we embrace as a tribe that gives that edge in the business world that everyone is talking about.

A magical learning methodology

We use experiential, social, intuitive, collaborative and discovery learning methodologies, together with a flipped classroom approach, to underpin the delivery of all content on the course. This is to ensure that all knowledge taught is practically accessible by participants with immediate effect. Content therefore becomes useful with immediate effect and the expert steps into the role of facilitator, more than lecturer.


Again, our secret ingredient, is collaboration

The experts involved in this course are more than a bunch of loosely pulled together professionals. They are part of the ProTech family. Each is an expert in their own right and in their own areas of interest, but all of them believe in the same values, have the same ambition to make a difference in people’s lives and live and breathe to support the entrepreneurs we serve. This team dynamic makes us agile, practically relevant and digitally unstoppable in the training space.


Time Commitment

Participating candidates are expected to commit a minimum of 120 minutes per day to working on actively assimilating and practically applying the knowledge and skills transferred through this course. Our goal is to achieve a 250% success rate on this project, therefore we require the utmost commitment from the woman lucky enough to be chosen to participate in it.


Course Fees

The total cost of tuition is R30,000; payable in three equal monthly installments of R10,000 each in advance over the course of the course. For those women that qualify to participate in this course, we can assist with crowdfunding campaigns and sponsorship letters to help raise the cost of tuition for the candidate.


How do I get selected?

How do I get selected as one of the candidates that get to walk this journey with the rest of our experts and proud #ProTechMentors? The first step is to ensure you are subscribed to our #EconomicHeros membership and not just subscribed, but an active member. The second step is to book your own interview by clicking on the "book now" button below. During your interview you will be assessed for your suitability for participation in this course by one of our current #ProTechMentors.

What are we looking for in qualifying potential #ProTechMentor candidates?

You will be selected for participation in this course if:

  • Your eyes sparkle when you speak your passion

  • You have a work ethic second to none

  • You don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way on your way to achieving your dreams

  • You have a good heart 

  • We share similar values in terms of trust, love, respect, faith, hope, transparency, ethical business, support, collaboration and meaningful contribution

  • You are committed to realising your dreams through the gruelling hard, but extremely rewarding journey of #Entrepreneurship

  • You are passionate about becoming a #ProTechMentor and part of the backbone of the #ProTechTribe