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12 Week Fempreneur Workshop

At the moment we are extremely proud of the 12 Week Fempereneurs Workshop we are offering to the Top 25 Fempreneurs across the globe. We are actively seeking the Top 25 fempreneurs across the globe to include in this journey. If you believe that you are one of these women click on this link to read more.



The Value of the Course

Each Fempreneur Participating in the 12 Week Fempreneur Workshop Walks away with:

  1. One covid-proof business model

  2. One global high worth network of fellow covid-proof fempreneurs

  3. One piece of a collaborative entrepreneurial venture pie created by the fempreneur participants in the group


How do we do it?

The 12 Week Fempreneur Workshop is structured in three key phases:


Phase 1 (Week 1 - Week 4) 

Our experts assist you in finding and defining your value as a woman and as a woman in business.


Phase 2 (Week 5 - Week 8)

Our experts teach you everything you need to know in order to be able to market your value, in other words; how to tell other about the value that you offer in business.


Phase 3 (Week 9 - Week 12)

Our experts assist you with how to monetise your value offering in order to maximise the utilisation of resources within your organisation through both passive and product/ service based revenue streams.


A magical learning methodology

We use experiential, social, intuitive, collaborative and discovery learning methodologies, together with a flipped classroom approach, to underpin the delivery of all content on the course. This is to ensure that all knowledge taught is practically accessible by participants with immediate effect. Content therefore becomes useful with immediate effect and the expert steps into the role of facilitator, more than lecturer.


Again, our secret ingredient, is collaboration

The experts involved in this course are more than a bunch of loosely pulled together professionals. They are part of the ProTech family. Each is an expert in their own right and in their own areas of interest, but all of them believe in the same values, have the same ambition to make a difference in people’s lives and live and breathe to support the entrepreneurs we serve. This team dynamic makes us agile, practically relevant and digitally unstoppable in the training space.


Time Commitment

Participating fempreneurs are expected to commit a minimum of 120 minutes per day to working on actively assimilating and practically applying the knowledge and skills transferred through this course. Our goal is to achieve a 250% success rate on this project, therefore we require the utmost commitment from the woman lucky enough to be chosen to participate in it.


Course Fees

The total cost of tuition is R15,000; payable in three equal monthly installments of R5,000 each in advance over the course of the course. For those women that qualify to participate in this course, we can assist with crowdfunding campaigns and sponsorship letters to help raise the cost of tuition for the candidate.


How do I get selected

How do I get selected as one of the Top 25 women that get to participate in this wonderful workshop?

Email your name and surname to using the subject line “Fempreneur Workshop Interview Request” or book your own interview by clicking on the "book now" button below. We will contact you to set up the interview during which one of our experts will assess your suitability for participation in this course.


What are we looking for in qualifying fempreneur candidates?

You will be selected as an ideal participant in this course if:

  • Your eyes sparkle when you speak your passion

  • You have a work ethic second to none

  • You don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way on your way to achieving your dreams

  • You have a good heart 

  • We share similar values in terms of trust, love, respect, faith, hope, transparency, ethical business, support, collaboration and meaningful contribution

  • You are committed to realising your dreams through the gruelling hard, but extremely rewarding journey of #fempereneurship

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