Core Network Membership Offer

Become part of the Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven Invite Only Core Network

What you get:

  • Access to the Original Coffee Shop Whatsapp Group

  • Access to all Explore ProTech networking events, to the value of $5 to $25 per event​

  • Opportunity to co-blog and showcase your area of expertise on the Explore ProTech Blog​

    • Shared across the Explore ProTech social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.

    • 15k+ reach on average​

  • Opportunity to be invited to join the panel discussions on our Coffee Shop Show as an Expert Panel Member, depending on our lineup, availability, and your expertise.

    • Live on Facebook with 12k reach on average​

    • Edited and uploaded to Youtube, with links to the expert panelists Explore ProTech Profiles

    • Shared across all other social media channels, including Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

    • Distributed weekly via email.

  • Opportunity to attend our Coffee Shop Show Live Sessions as a VIP Audience Member.


  • Access to our platform to showcase your area of expertise on your own personal business profile on the Explore ProTech website


  • Discussion forum admin access so you can share your expertise with all Explore ProTech website traffic

    • Reach 10k+ per month on average

    • Included in email campaigns as the opportunity arises

  • 10% off on all Explore ProTech course & training fees for you and your staff/ team

  • The opportunity to be interviewed on the Entrepreneurs Life Show so you can tell your entrepreneurial story to our shared entrepreneurial community.

  • Access to the VIP Coffee Shop section on our Explore ProTech Website.

  • Weekly Next Level Networker Training with the Explore ProTech Tribe.

  • Monthly Online Visibility Training.​​


  • Becoming part of a new entrepreneurial Tribe that is taking the world by storm with:

    • increased collaboration opportunities​

    • increased leveraged referral partner opportunities

    • and expert guidance all the way

  • Never having to walk your entrepreneurial journey alone ever again.