12 Steps to REALLY getting the results you want from your next Online Speed Networking Event

Online networking events (also called virtual networking events), such as our upcoming Online Speed Networking event on 27 September 2020, have been steadily increasing in quantitiy and popularity ever since the digital revolution hit the global economy. The Covid-19 pandemic has only served to make these events more popular as global economies were locked down. Speed networking, on the other hand, was first successfully introduced in the UK by Michael Piddock, future founder of event technology company Glisser, to increase employee-to-employee connections in corporate events and has also only grown in popularity since the turn of the millenium

A fairly new phenomenon, that has only really emerged in the post-corona global economy, is virtual speed networking. This exciting concept combines the best of online networking and offline speed networking with exciting new software solutions like remo, zoomie and swapcard to offer attendees an online networking experience unlike any networking opportunity ever experienced before, even in the offline world.

The sheer opportunity an online speed networking event holds in terms of the quantity and quallity of relationship work that can be accomplished in a very short space of time is what makes this opportunity breathtakingly exciting to me. It's also the reason why I've partnered with the rest of the Explore ProTech Team to host more of these Online Speed Networking events in future - and not to toot our own horn, but to do it in TRUE #ProTechFashion - using the best of tech, trends, research and methodology to make sure our Online Speed Networking events blows each and every attendee away in terms of the sheer amount of VALUE offered to attendees.

In making sure we accomplish this goal I am currently writing a complete guide on the do's, don'ts, tips, tricks and checklists that will enable attendees to make the absolute most out of each Online Speed Networking event attended. I will be sharing this content with you over the coming weeks in the form of blog updates, emails* and short, but powerful social media posts**. So stay tuned to learn all about the 12 Steps to REALLY getting the results you want from your next Online Speed Networking Event.

Written with lots of love, passion and excitement...

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Nestene Botha is a Registered Auditor, Chartered Accountant, Tax Practitioner, proud #ProTechMentor and one of the founders of Explore ProTech. The expertise she contributes to Explore ProTech spans the fields of entrepreneurship, business, training, course building, coaching, marketing, networking, writing and more. Hence why the team has dubbed her their “Chief Executive Dreamer”. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs find, unlock and unleash their inner value - in life and in business.

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