A special moment - A school of Fish (The Power of Tribe)

You must be wondering what on earth I am smoking writing about fish on an Entrepreneurial Haven blog; but it was such a special moment this morning when Peter Hingston, one of the #ProTechFounders, used this analogy to explain the power of tribe to our Tribe Leaders at our first ever Tribe Leaders Training Session... I just had to share and commemorate it as part of the Explore ProTech journey...

Peter explained that, when working as part of a Tribe, the one amazing advantage you have over any competitor is the fact that you're never alone. Whether you're breaking into a new market, starting up a new venture, persuing a dream or diversifying income streams...you're never going at it alone... As an entrepreneur you know exactly how daunting all of the above tasks can be... What it takes... How much it takes... and How long it takes... You also know that it is SO WORTH IT so you keep going... Now imagine if it wasn't just you that was pushing for your dream. Imagine, for a moment you were just one fish in a school of fish... Are you a guppie, a shark, or maybe a salmon, a carp or a dolphin? Who cares; it doesn't really matter, because whatever species of fish you are there are more of us out here...and we've got your back.

We didn't discuss this analogy beforehand. He'd never shared it with me before, but the way it just made sense in my mind, and soul, when he said it, was incredible... It immediately resonated with me, even before he had finished explaining the analogy. See, if I had to guess my fish species, I would say I'm a guppy and a very cheecky guppy at that. I'm the type of guppie that regularly jumps into shark tanks unprepared and starts hustling... No challenge is too big for me. No notice is too short. You get the idea. Now as an entrepreneur this characteristic has at some times really stood me in good stead and at other times it has gotten me into some hot water. But now that I'm part of a tribe, well, let's just say this is one guppy that gets to hustle her heart out without ever having to go it alone.

When I've got a new idea, when I'm rolling out a new plan, when I'm launching a new venture, when I'm joining a new facebook group, when I'm networking at a new conference, when I'm speaking at a new event, when I'm launching a new show, when I'm creating a new network; my fish family is allways there. In fact I cannot imagine a time in my entrepreneurial journey where I was going it alone without the tribe. It has become an unthinkable and undesirable scenario to me and for that I'm thankful.

So if you're reading this; and you haven't yet experienced the power of tribe, I would strongly suggest you consider joining ours. Experience what it's like to swim with the coolest school of fish around; it might just change your life; like it did mine. ;)

Also, remember to come meetup with the tribe at our next big gathering! Coming up this Wednesday at 6pm (SA Time) is our 2 Hour Free Workshop on How to Convert Online Networking into Customers - The Inside Scoop. Trust me; you don't wanna miss it ;) so if you haven't RSVP'd for the event yet - you should!