Sharing a stage with networking champion STEVEN WESTWOOD!!!

Updated: Apr 3

You know that feeling when you feel like you've made it in life??? Well, that's a little bit how I felt when I watched our Explore ProTech UK Hub Tribe Promotion Video... Never in my wildest dreams, if you had told me 12 months ago, would I have imagined that I'd be on a freaking video ad with an incredibly connected author, coach, entrepreneur, copywriter, and (FRIEND!!!) from the UK!

But now I am! I am right next to him in the video - large as life on the screen. I'm playing the role of "The Struggling Entrepreneur" and Steven is playing the role of "The Successful Entrepreneur." And it works! We are SO comfortable with each other that it's like we intuitively are able to create this story together...even though we've never met in person!!!

I never really had friends growing up. Even today I have no contact with anyone that I've known for longer than about the last 3 years... I struggle to trust people...and to find people that are trustworthy! People that understand and love me for being authentically me... I think that is why I am so amazed at what me and my co-founder, Peter Hingston, have managed to build.

Yes, We've created a platform where entrepreneurs can collaborate and find referral partners, but it's so much more than that. We're training together, supporting each other, there for each other - through the painful times and the successful times. I never thought this would happen but, the people on our network have genuinely become friends... even family.

They say you can't choose your family. Well, what if every single person in your business family was handpicked just for you...all of them - cream of the crop, incredible, intelligent, ambitious entrepreneurs from across the globe that want to be...friends... Isn't that incredible???

I have family in high places and everywhere across the globe! And we're doing amazing things together like creating video ads for entrepreneurs, rolling out new and exciting projects, pushing each other to do more and more amazing, crazy content together, and helping each other in business in every way possible!

I have a brother that's a copywriter, my sister is a magazine owner, my uncle is the best business coach in the world, my nephew is a digital marketer and my other sister is a music producer!!! That's how it feels to be part of this tribe!!! And that is naming just a few of my family members! I'm so happy and so blessed! And so ready to give this entrepreneurial journey all I've got because a shared entrepreneurial journey is even better, more fulfilling, more incredible, and more lucrative than a lone entrepreneurial journey!!!

Watch me and my new business brother live in action promoting the rollout of our new Explore ProTech Hub. :) :) :)

Chat soon! Yours in networking & entrepreneurship,


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We believe that everybody deserves to grow their business and you don’t have to do it alone... We understand how difficult it is to find the “right” (good) people to do business with, which is why we established a global networking business that will help you make connections that will grow your


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