'Ask' and you will 'Get'!

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

So I have to reach out to people all the time for my Working Women's Community.

A lot of times, I am turned down, ignored. Sometimes, I almost lose heart.

It's disappointing to see women not willing to spare a few minutes of their time, to support other women.

I mean, how much does it take?

Does uplifting others not, uplift them too?

But I guess they have their reasons. And it takes all kinds to make the world.

What makes me continue? The less than 10% people, who respond, help and contribute.

Saying I respect them, would be an understatement; because I know exactly how hard, it is to find them. But they make the journey worthwhile.

Lesson to take home: pursue your passion, for the few that believe in you. In a world of Naysayers, you WILL find Believers, you just have to keep looking for them!

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