Binge-worthy series 4 entrepreneurs - Review: Undercover Billionaire

In "Undercover Billionaire" self-made billionaire, Glenn Stearns attempts to build a million-dollar company from nothing more than $100, a vehicle, a phone with no contacts and #ThatNeverGiveUpAttitude. The series showcases the skills, business acumen and mental resilience necessary for becoming, and remaining, a successful entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur myself, who also built my empire from scratch, this series to me is thrilling, stimulating, informative and something I can resonate with. I love Glenn Stearns’s #NeverGiveUpAttitude and admire him for his guts and gusto as well as his passion for showing other #EconomicWarriors out there that entrepreneurial success is not only possible, but reachable even for those of us starting from scratch. Making money out of nothing is not only reserved for fables anymore. Thanks to Glenn Stearns’s brilliant series, it’s now reserved for those entrepreneurs who bravely and boldly pick up arms and move to conquer the global economy - no matter what.

For this reason, this series is definitely going on my favourites list. So if you’re looking for something to watch that is inspirational, thrilling and entrepreneurial at its core - definitely add this series to your watch list too. Check Out our Facebook page for a series of images capturing the golden nuggets of wisdom we learnt from Glenn Stearns himself in this stunning entrepreneurial series.

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Glenn Stearns was born into a working-class family. He is diagnosed with dyslexia, fails the fourth grade and fathers a child at the age of 14. However, he pulls himself up by his bootstraps and displays an unmatched entrepreneurial spirit as a young person, forming his own mortgage company, Stearns Lending LLC, within 10 years after becoming a teenage father.

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