Creating Your Own Opportunity in Lockdown: move from poverty thinking to positive thinking

Covid-19 has turned a lot of individuals' lives upside down. Many of us, especially those of us that struggle to adapt to change in circumstances, might feel like we are living an awoken nightmare. Is this truly the case or are we just used to a certain way of life and struggle to see past this? Whether we want to believe it or not; there is a massive energy shift in the world right now that is moving the collective to broaden their horizons and see beyond the box that society has put us in. This shift is emotionally draining and challenging for all of us, but we get to choose if we want to focus on the challenge or the opportunity that the change brings with it. Do you want to be the person to dwell in your negative thoughts and fears? Or would you like to seize the opportunity to prosper?

The old school way of keeping yourself alive basically consists of applying through a recruitment agency for a 9 am - 5 pm job. The pay is probably enough to cover rent and monthly expenses, if you are lucky. You usually spend a day or more completing your CV. Then you find ways to get yourself noticed. You’re happy when your CV gets thrown into a pile of thousands of other applicants; with a sprinkle of luck you will be called for an interview. During the interview you try your absolute best to sell yourself to the new highest bidder, usually in about 15 minutes. The interviewer makes you feel like you’re being interrogated, but you don’t mind; with another sprinkle of luck your foot might just be in the door. Once you receive the job, it's a standard job that's exciting in the beginning but soon becomes boring and even demotivating. After 2 years you decide it's time for another job; another sprinkle of luck and repeat the process.

Let’s just put this into numbers - a full time job is 40 hours a week, that is 1920 hours in a year spent in a full time position. Think about your time. During this time you are helping build someone else's dreams. What about your dreams? Do you really feel that by choosing a complacent lifestyle this means you are living your best life when the alternative of a 9 - 5 job would mean creating a business around your passions, creating passive income streams to support your dreams, and no ceiling on how much you can earn. How much would you be able to earn if you had 1920 hours to spend on just chasing your dreams each year? Working for yourself means you create the rules. If you’re bored with a certain role in the organisation, delegate that one and create yourself another one. If one strategy isn’t completely working for you, try another one. Entrepreneurship is the vehicle that makes financial freedom become attainable. And it's not only financial freedom that’s up for grabs, even freedom of time becomes attainable, because when the money is flowing in in the background you get to spend your time on whatever you like. It’s also the most job security you will ever have. It’s not like you are going to fire yourself, right?

Is there a catch? Talking from experience, the catch is that you have to hustle. This type of lifestyle doesn’t come easy. If you want an easy life, with boundaries, job lists, role responsibilities and routines set in stone, then the entrepreneurial journey is not for you. If, however you desire more, and you are willing to work creatively towards achieving your goal and cultivate #ThatNeverGiveUpAttitude, you should be giving entrepreneurship a go. Creating your own opportunities means you are investing now so that you can enjoy your rewards in 1 - 5 years from now. Starting a business is not for everyone, because not everyone has what it takes to literally work it into existence.

One opportunity the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown experience has brought us entrepreneurs is that it has moved everything and everyone online. And there is no turning back. There is a definite divide in the economic reality pre- and post- corona in the way we do business. This makes it easier than ever to reach every and all markets, provided you have some clever and creative moves up your sleeve. I believe that this online entrepreneurial adventure is not only exploding into existence now, but here to stay, and also the way forward! It’s a chance at creating a life worth living.

In my opinion the lifestyle of an online entrepreneur is beneficial to my mental health. I love what I do and I am excited to wake up each day. Not only that, but I get to plan my schedule around what suits my mind and body each day. The rewards do take time, but the rewards are worth the wait. I love everything about the hustle. I love everything about knowing it's up to me to make my dreams come true. I am paving the way towards my dreams and entrepreneurship is the vehicle I’ve chosen to do it with.

Say goodbye to limited thinking and doing things the traditional way and say hello to outside-the-box thinking and being creative. This is the kind of environment I, as an online entrepreneur, thrive in. The online entrepreneurial journey is all about taking the opportunities in front of you and finding a gap in the market to expand and grow. This all comes down to good online marketing strategies and lucky for you, marketing strategies is what I eat for breakfast and I’m happy to share some with you now.

Here are a couple of marketing strategies that are relevant right now to consider for implementation in your own small business:


Facebook is perfect for targeting local communities, all you need to do is join your local community facebook group and find something to upsell. Do you have a hidden talent? Are you qualified to offer a service or sell a product? Making homemade bath bombs is a great one or offering spanish lessons, nail technician services, yoga teachings or even turning furniture at car boot and reselling this online is another way. Selling through Facebook Groups and online communities is such an easy marketing strategy. You could even use Facebook for your network marketing. This is something Avon Sales Agents use regularly. I know because I get a weekly message from my friend selling her products through Facebook.

Youtube and affiliate marketing

Youtube is such a powerful way of monetizing. You do need at least 1,000 subscribers to monetise however, since your main income stream is mostly created from affiliate marketing. A suggestion is finding a product to review and record a video of yourself doing it and post it online with the affiliate link. Almost everything in our homes can be bought online on Amazon. I use amazon as my go to online store and they have a great affiliate marketing program. What is great is that you do not have a lot of start-up costs as most of everything is done online. It's all about consistency, focus and time, supported by self motivation and discipline.

Linkedin marketing and online networking

Linkedin is like the biggest online business breakfast ever. Literally every professional individual that you could ever wish to bump into at a business breakfast is on Linkedin, and since the lockdowns started happening all over the globe, the conversations on Linkedin have become only more and more engaged. So if you have an idea you want to run by someone, or a service or product to promote, it’s literally as easy as identifying your target ‘customer’, finding a keyword you can use to search for this customer, typing up a compelling introduction to the conversation, and there you go. There’s nothing ‘salesy’ about it - you’re literally just offering the right product and/or services to the right potential customer.

Similar to Linkedin, online networking is huge right now. Networks like ProTech #EconomicWarriors and Fempreneur are huge right now… So what are you waiting for? Join the conversation and start texting… Your next amazing collaborative opportunity could be right around the corner of your next networking session.

I hope that the above has inspired you to be able to see that with some careful planning and creative thinking you too can create your entrepreneurial empire. You still have choices. All is not lost. Change is difficult, yes, but it is up to each and every single one of us to choose whether we are going to be focusing on the challenges or the opportunity that change brings with it. What are you waiting for? Join that networking group, start that linkedin chat, upload that Youtube video. The only way to guarantee failure is through never trying. Until then, from one #EconomicWarrior to the rest of you #Fabulous #Fearless #EconomicWarriors...

Have a beautiful day and remember to ALWAYS hold onto hope!

Yours in entrepreneurship,

Miss Kiff


Miss Kiff is the founder, CEO and Chief Hustler at Kiff Media UK. She is an expert in the fields of social media marketing & monetisation, personal branding and holistic entrepreneurship and also a proud #ProTechMentor on our #EconomicWarriors, #EconomicKnights and #EconomicHeros membership platforms and an #ExpertCoach on our #Fempreneur 12 Week Workshop proudly powered by ProTech.

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