Finding Haven - A Covid19 Entrepreneurial Story

When Covid happened, I was the entrepreneur in charge of The First Virtual Audit Firm in South Africa. We weren’t affected by the pandemic - we’ve always been virtual, so for us, it was very much business as usual. Our entrepreneurs, however, were severely affected by the pandemic. I was receiving calls and requests for assistance 24/7.

Our entrepreneurs were in trouble and they needed help! They needed even more help than what my virtual audit firm could provide!

I quickly realized that, if we were even going to have any customers left to serve in the post-corona world, we were going to have to do whatever it took to help them through this! And I couldn't do this myself - I need support from experts in various industries from across the world!

Our entrepreneurs needed help with:

  • Reassessing their current business strategy

  • Agilely pivoting their business strategy to cater to the opportunities the new post-corona world offered

  • Agilely pivoting their business strategy to avoid the pitfalls present in the new post-corona world

  • Showing up and being present online

  • Being able to market their products and sell their goods online

  • Figuring out how to digitize their available resources

  • Managing cashflow

  • Claiming support made available to entrepreneurs across the globe by various organizations

  • Using existing tax laws to support the roll-out of these strategies

Our entrepreneurs needed all this support, but most of all they needed ONE THING. That ONE THING was a SAFE SPACE to do business in, with constant encouragement, support, motivation, advice, and ideas to help them along their entrepreneurial journey.

As the Accountant that these entrepreneurs would turn to, I could meet a lot of these needs. I couldn't however meet all of them, and I couldn't meet them constantly and consistently. Something more was needed.

This is where Peter Hingston enters our story. Peter is an interesting person. At the time of the pandemic, he was a neighbor. He was also friendly, happy, and easy to talk to. So it was easy to discuss various business issues and strategies with him. From the get-go, I realized that he knew a lot about business, people, and life in general! He became one of my most trusted confidants - someone I would talk to to help me sort out issues in business.

He spoke a lot too, about teams and tribes - a concept I was both unfamiliar with and scared to death of. However, when it came to solving the problem of assisting our entrepreneurs, I trusted him explicitly. So when Peter presented me with the idea of creating a SAFE SPACE in which we could do business and create a team dynamic, I told him to go for it. The result was The Original Explore ProTech Coffee Shop Whatsapp Group.

Peter filled this space with business experts from various industries across the globe. And it wasn't long before entrepreneurs, who had heard about this SAFE SPACE, were knocking at the door - desperate to be let in.

Thus, the Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven was born. And within the safe space of our Original Explore ProTech Coffee Shop Group, the Explore ProTech Core Network TRIBE was conceived. Every single business professional that was invited into our Coffee Shop, was pre-approved by Peter.

They all had a few, very important, things in common:

  • They were proudly entrepreneurial

  • They were experts in their respective fields

  • They were genuine, good, authentic people

  • They were fun-loving, didn't take themselves too seriously, and did what they loved

  • They had that #NeverGiveUpAttitude

  • They needed support with any or all of the areas of need listed above

One of the people that Peter invited to the group was Andrew Wrensch. Andrew is a serial entrepreneur, SEO expert & passionate teacher from the UK. He took one look at what we had to offer, decided that he was in it for the long haul, and promptly built our Online Coffee Shop Website to support what we were doing. When it came to discussing partnership it was a no-brainer. Me, Peter, and Andrew were the founders of something incredible. We each had our own areas of expertise and skillset to contribute. At the same time, we were all passionate about Saving the Global Economy, One Small Business at a time. That is why it worked. And thus the Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven was officially made available online. Our Entrepreneurial Haven was now available to all entrepreneurs from across the globe.

It was like all three of us had a renewed inspiration, motivation, and reason for existing. We were saving the Global Economy, One Small Business at a Time!

The Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven became our reason for existing. It became the reason for getting up in the morning and for getting up when life knocked us down. It was our baby and the entrepreneurs we served were our reason for existing. We were on a mission to save the global economy, one small business at a time.

Three minds are better than one! When you create a safe space for the best entrepreneurs from across the globe to do business in, incredible things happen. Our Fempreneur Flagship Course was born in the Haven. The course was born because we realized how many business coaches we had in the group. We also realized that if they were to work together towards a common goal, they would create life-changing content for our female entrepreneurs across the globe! So that's what we did. Our Global Online Speed Networking Platform was born from the haven too.

When we were able to provide not only the best, most relevant training and support to our entrepreneurs from across the globe but also a platform on which they could meet a brand new set of entrepreneurs from across the globe, every month our Core Network TRIBE Membership Offer came into being.

Its been a beautiful journey. There is something magical about creating exactly what the tribe we were called to serve needs... and then continuously keeping in mind our overall purpose for existing in business: Saving the Global Economy, one Small Business at a time... It allows us to provide our entrepreneurs with exactly everything they need to GROW in business and be fruitful and successful so that they can create the employment opportunities that our post-corona economy so desperately needs right now... And being able to be part of that journey...WOW... it's why we get up in the morning.

Thanks for taking the time to read our story!!! Now, I am curious...what is yours? What does your entrepreneurial story sound like? What makes you get up in the morning? Who were you called to serve?

Please share in the comments. We would love to hear it!

Yours in Business, Networking & Entrepreneurship,

Nestene Botha (CA)SA RA

Chief Executive Dreamer

Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven

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