From Mud to Meaning to Purpose – Unshakable Abundance and Freedom

“This is an offering from one heart, to yours, of how to find hope, self worth, confidence and trust, and how to create a unique golden weave for a world that hears and sees you, a world filled with magical moments that will matter forever. Your emotions matter, You matter.Charlotte D

It started at the end of 2010, I was instructed by an integrated health doctor, to take a sabbatical, my body was speaking from within. Both body and brain were exhausted, and I had no choice but to listen. It took another 3 years before I could slow down. When a strong woman crumbles, everyone scatters.

In those first 3 years, I plodded, until I found inner and outer self care wellness products that gave me back my life, slowly. The results made me look into this as a business, a side hustle. I shared my results success with anyone and everyone who expressed they wanted the same results, and it was then that I started to experience the full brunt of the implications of limiting beliefs around me. Where before I had made excuses for so much, to stay understanding and in compassion, to be able to maintain what I thought were relationships. I was wrong.

In the face of my changed reality, plus showing visible, audited and indisputable proof of what else was still possible, STILL fear and negative limiting mindsets reared its head. When offered an opportunity for a healthier and more abundant life, seeing people shrink away with reasons why not, became a daily bucket of ice water. How could anyone walk away from an affordable product range, with over 75 scientists on board, that solved many of the skin and aging challenges humans face?

This mindset thinking that halted progress, vs evolved progressive positive opportunity thinking, had become the catalyst excuse I used, for me to withdraw from society as a whole, coming out to work when I could. I was going to find a way to teach people how to relearn thinking. Thinking for possibility, opportunity and to look for what was right first, before jumping into what could be wrong first. To teach them how to learn to trust the voice of guidance from within, vs the labels of others and of the past.

I was looking for Purpose and Meaning.

An excerpt from my book on how Your Hidden Genius was birthed, rolled up in a magic carpet, over a period of 7 years!

In the face of hopelessness, we are told there is always hope.

In the face of absolute exhaustion, we are told keep going.

In the face of betrayal and rejection, we are told we are to remember that we deserve better

In the face of fear, we are told to keep believing

In the face of abandonment, we are told to never give up.

But HOW, I sobbed…

The story of a life on a magic carpet, that rolled me up in it, and expected me to unravel it, the carpet, 1 thread of emotion at a time. My magic carpet that I had danced on for many years, lighting up the World, had been my saviour, and my life was woven into it. The beautiful musical carpet was threadbare, the wear and tear had become almost see thru. I had to unravel each thread and recreate a carpet that would share the stories of past, the lessons woven into new shapes. The purpose from within, expressed in its new magnificent colours. The magic in the carpet I was forced to drink. The juice was made up of hopelessness, despair, rejection, worthlessness and a very heavy heart.

Facing a reality I had ignored all my life. I was different. For good reason. And It was perfectly acceptable and ok to be a truth bunny, holding the banner of light in truth high.

In the past 7 years, I have learnt how to make the threadbare weave count, and how to make it become the opposite of what it had become to represent. It was the golden thread of an earnest desire for Purpose that kept it all together, and made it what it is today.

Unlearning thinking, beliefs, honouring the Truth within, redefining life, allowing the voice that was ready to be Empowered, and to Empower the voices of many others.

Jan 2018 - Your Hidden Genius Full Potential™ - exposing your superpower, was borne. 17 topics, 108 days each, to gently shift mindsets, to honour the voice within, to build your trust in who you are, and who you are meant to be.

From everything, to nothing, to something.

#ibelieveinyou #Raiseanation #yourhiddengenius

Yours in Business, Learning & Truth,

Charlotte D Blignaut

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