Here's why #NetworkingWorks

I recently had the opportunity to chat to some of our tribe members about their experience before, during and after our Global Online Speed Networking Event and even though I am a firm believer in the benefits of networking...What they shared with me blew me away...

Here are some of the stories they shared with me since our first Global Online Speed Networking Event:

Petula Cornelius, trainee Fempreneur Guardian, Tribe Relationship Manager and blogger received a free 2 hour session of coaching from Digital Monetisation Expert, Suman S Pattar.

Steven Levy, Global changemaker and leadership coach, received support with a problem even google couldn't solve and wrote this amazing testimonial for Sommerville Lombard and posted it all over social media:

"I have to share the quality of people we have on this, group. Sommerville is absolutely amazing. I use Thunderbird as my email platform and was told by the people that installed it as well as my IT Support guy that it is not compatible with android or iPhone, or set up, so I can rec emails on my phone and have lived with that for a few years. After a Zoom call with Sommerville a week ago we chatted about this and she said she would investigate it for me. Even Google said it can't be done. After my session with her now, in 5min, she helped me set it up and I am able to receive and send emails on my phone from my Thunderbird Account. 🔥🔥🔥🔥. She is beyond amazing and not just your everyday virtual assistant. Use her services and refer her!!! Thank you for your amazing service Sommerville. 🙏🙏"

In turn, someone from the United States noticed this testimonial, and Sommerville got a new client out of it.

Suman S Pattar is now being coached by Steven Levy, who cannot stop talking about what an amazing business woman she is.

Steven Westwood found a business tribe to belong to and took part in his very first Online Panel Discussion with us - Live on Facebook!

Tzippy Subotsky's mentioned that her social media following, both on Facebook and Linkedin has been growing steadily ever since.

Paul Bridgland joined our tribe and has been steadily increasing his contact sphere and in turn reached out to his existing contact sphere to make sure we have even more amazing people at our next Global Online Speed Networking Event.

And Steven Levy has become a bit of a legend around here as he always seems to be one of the first people to chat to and assist everyone around him and now we basically haven't had a discussion, training session or show without his name being consistently mentioned.

These are just SOME of the success stories I've been privileged to have been privy to and it makes me SO HAPPY. If this is what is happening after our very first Global Online Speed Networking Event - can you IMAGINE what is still going to happen in future???

Paul & Peter described this effect this week as the spaghetti effect of networking. All I can say at this point is - thank you to each and every single person that participated in and helped us create an amazing platform on which entrepreneurs can promote themselves, get to know each other, promote each other and form relationships to last a lifetime. I am so blessed that I get to experience this movement first hand as we fight right in the trenches on the front line to save our global small business at a time....

Yours in Business,

Nestene Botha (CA)SA RA

Chief Executive Dreamer

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