How Caryn Greeff unlocked referrals on TAP through networking

Updated: Apr 5

"All my clients are a result of networking. People buy into my products and services when they get to know me. It's impossible to replicate that process through an ad! Therefore my best networking tip is to SHOW UP! Attend as many networking events as possible. Be yourself. And watch the business flow in from there." Caryn Greeff - Fascinatein7” Caryn Greeff - CEO - Fascinatein7

Pre Explore ProTech Caryn: The Relationship Builder

I met Caryn on a networking zoom call. I can’t remember why, but at the time I was unable to have my camera on for the call, however, Caryn heard my laugh (I’m quite a bubbly unpretentious personality) and she just knew we had to meet.

We met up at the Newscafe in Blaauwberg for a coffee and a chat. Even though we didn’t have immediate business to do, we had the best time. I found what she did fascinating. She found it fascinating that I was an accountant with a bubbly personality. We had the best chat. I knew from that day that this is a person I not only wanted to align with, in business but also be friends with.

I’ve heard many business connections that meetup with Caryn for the first time, feel the same way. She’s just such a natural networker, so unapologetically herself, and fascinatingly in touch with who she is, that it is almost impossible to meet her and not want more… That is definitely one of her networking superpowers - she always leaves you wanting to continue building the relationship…

The Explore ProTech Intervention - Relationship Building Opportunities on Tap

When my co-founder, Peter, started building our network inside of his original “coffee shop” WhatsApp group, inviting Caryn to join our core network officially, was a no-brainer. She embodies everything we stand for. Having her involved just seemed natural.

From the get-go, Caryn embraced every single opportunity we offered her. When I asked, she said yes...and she still does that today! See, because of the initial real relationship-based connection Caryn and I shared, she knew that she wanted to be involved in whatever I got myself involved with and vice versa!

We ended up building the Fempreneur course, together with 12 other coaches, and getting rave reviews from the pilot program. We created live video content together, and Caryn got the opportunity to be a room host at our global online speed networking events, train on our tribe training platform, and star on our coffee shop conversations show. Recently Caryn even said yes to being the host of our Coffee Shop Conversations Show - the US version. Throughout this process, we’ve continued referring coffees (business) to each other and our referrals work phenomenally well because people can see that each of us genuinely believes in the other person.

Post Explore ProTech Networking - Referrals on TAP

These days Caryn is still a proud member of our core network. She is active on the Coffee Shop Show, at tribe training, and having coffee with new members in our network as we meet them. She says that networking has completely changed the way she does business.

“Right now, I have a whole backlog of WhatsApp messages on my phone - from people that want to meet me. They don’t even know what I do yet, but they want to meet me and give me the opportunity to tell them more about what I do. It’s incredible.” Caryn Greeff - CEO - Fascinatein7

Because of the close relationships she has built, and continues to build, with all our Explore ProTech Core Network Members she is receiving referrals and speaking opportunities on tap.

“I’ve built my business solely through networking because I love talking to people and I don’t like the admin that goes into social media and other forms of advertising.” Caryn Greeff - CEO - Fascinatein7

Caryn isn’t a fan of admin, planning, or getting too bogged down in the detail. She loves letting her hair down, living her best life, being unapologetically herself… And because she has embraced this about herself and teaches this to others from real raw experience, it’s been paying off for her in a big way!

From my side

Well done Caryn Greeff!!! You have the most beautiful personality. You inspire just by being unapologetically you. It is an absolute privilege to have you on this platform and to be a member of your tribe!!! We cannot wait to see what you do with hosting the US version of our Entrepreneurs' Coffee Shop Conversations Show!!! I just know it's going to be magical, stunning, and successful -just like you! Keep shining! You're an inspiration to every entrepreneur out there!

You just keep doing you, and remember us when you're famous!!! And thank you for allowing me to tell your story and send some inspiration to all our other Economic Warriors out there.

Do you have some Caryn Greeff superpowers in your networking personality???

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Until next time. Chat again soon!!!

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