How Leonie Dorfling launched a Global Entrepreneur's Magazine through networking

Updated: Mar 31

Leonie Dorfling (the original Mighty Mentee) used her networking personality to launch Entrepreneurs Lifestyle Magazine. Here's my take on how she did it.

When Leonie's husband succumbed to Covid19, she was left with only three assets at her disposal:

- A choice

- A Tribe

- and Mighty Mentee Networking Personality

Dawid left her with the legacy of his entrepreneurial venture - Entrepreneurs Life Magazine, a Tribe of Entrepreneurs who knew him and his story, but who were just getting to know her. The only other thing Leonie had at her disposal was her natural knack for learning and ability to find and attract the right mentors.

As far as entrepreneurial assets go - this is not a lot to start out with! But what Leonie did next would change her future, and the future of everyone that relied on Dawid and his magazine, for good and for life.

I remember the phone call we received from Carodene Hillier (Carrie), Dawid's graphic designer and friend like it was yesterday. Carrie called us to let us know that Leonie, Dawid's widow, had asked her to help keep Dawid's legacy alive. To Dawid, his magazine and the work he did to help entrepreneurs through the magazine, was his everything. He had put so much into this venture. It was like he had only two loves - his magazine and his wife.

Leonie was grieving, she still is, and she missed him terribly. She must've felt so unsure of everything all of a sudden. Where would she go, what would she do? Dawid was an amazing man, as well as her safety, shield, and caretaker. She must've felt so alone now that he was simply not there anymore. At the same time, she knew that she could not let his legacy cease to exist as he did. It was too important to him. The dream had to continue. It could not all have been for nothing. Dawid would've wanted his legacy to continue to help entrepreneurs across the globe, just like he did when he was still alive.

So she made the phone call to Carrie that would spark a movement unlike any other I've ever seen in business. After the phonecall with Carrie, the three of us had a consensus - Dawid's legacy had to continue. None of us had any idea of how to run a successful magazine, least of all Leonie, but we were all convinced that, for Dawid, we needed to keep the magazine alive.

The moment we put down the phone from the phone call with Carrie, my co-founder started calling people. He spoke to several key individuals from our Tribe, one on one, before arranging a group meetup with all the entrepreneurs from our Tribe who wanted to assist in keeping Dawid's legacy alive. So many people pitched up to that first meeting. We ended with a crew of about 25 entrepreneurs from across the globe who were all willing to donate their expertise, services, time, know-how, and connections in order to keep Dawid's legacy alive.

Leonie now had a group of real mentors stepping up to assist her to grow into the Boss Babe that would relaunch the magazine and make a massive success of it.

In terms of mentorship, amongst other things, Leonie received:

- Editor, Goal-Setting & Confidence training from Steven Westwood - copywriter, coach, author, Explore ProTech UK Hub Leader & speaker from London, UK.

- Organisational Structure and Management training from Wolfgang von Geramb - Coach, Organisational Structure, Rythm & Networking expert from Hamburg, Germany.

- Business basecamp & leadership training from Steven Levy - Coach, Global changemaker & problem-solver from Cape Town, South Africa.

- Graphic Design training & assistance from Carrodene Hillier - Grandmaster of Graphic Design from KZN, South Africa

- Entrepreneurial Networking & Business Advice from Deborah Conlon - Entrepreneurial Enabler & Coach from KZN, South Africa

- Sales & Marketing training from Marlon August - Mr. Supersales, Marketing & Sales expert, Story Teller & Trainer from Johannesburg, South Africa

- Trauma & Personal Counseling from Maggie Naidoo - NLP Certified Coach & Practitioner from KZN, South Africa.

- Confidence, personal development coaching from Peter Hingston - Teamwork specialist & builder of people from Cape Town, South Africa

- Communication & brand building coaching from Caryn Greeff- Communication & personal brand specialist from Cape Town, South Africa

I've never seen anything like this in business. Leonie's story is the story of how a tribe stepped up around a Mighty Mentee and how her original choice to keep her late husbands' legacy alive created a movement that swept across the globe, inducing rapid entrepreneurial transformation in Leonie, her magazine, the mentors that mentored her and the entrepreneurs that followed her story.

When I compare the magazine now and Leonie now, to the magazine and the Leonie we started with, both are almost unrecognizable different, yet still so much the same. I get goosebumps whenever I tell this story or hear it told by someone else. It's been an incredible journey and I know there is still so much more to come from this space.

I think the key takeaways from this story, especially if you have The Mighty Mentee personality type just like Leonie Dorfling, is:

- Her (your) ability to stay positive and determined under the most pressing, negative circumstances and to turn even negative circumstances that would break most entrepreneurs into something positive, is an incredible gift that should be recognized and nurtured.

- Her (your) ability to learn quickly, on your feet, and on-demand, makes you every mentor's favorite mentee. The more you can embrace this side of yourself and the more mentors you can find to involve in your journey, the more successful your journey will be.

- Her (your) natural superpower is your incredible personality. You are not the loudest, the most analytical, the most bubbly, or the most skilled at building relationships, but because of who you are, when you present yourself as your authentic self and are not afraid of telling your story and letting people know and be a part of your growth story, you're growth in life and in business is accelerated exponentially. You are breathtakingly beautiful in your vulnerability. Realize this. Use it. Nurture it. Don't be afraid to be unapologetically you.

- If you can find a Tribe that embraces and values all of these qualities in you and encourages you to show up as your authentic self, the sky is not even the limit for you!

Does Leonie's story resonate with you? Do you have an inspirational story of your own to share? Can you relate? Do you share her networking personality type? Let us know in the comments down below!

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