How we went Viral on accident! Part 1

If you asked me about one week ago; Nestene, How do I make my posts go viral on social? I would probably have said something along the lines of "I have no idea. I'm an accountant. Why are you asking me? lol."

But about 1 week ago I got us new software that would help me schedule posts for all our Social Media Channels and also provide me with insight into how our posts were doing... And guess what I found?

In the last 15 days our Facebook Page had a viral reach of 8,000+ and reached viral impressions of 9,000+.

Screenshot from Zoho Social Performance Report

Wait, what? WOW!!! I was blown away! I mean, I knew we were doing something right when it started, about 2 months ago, that I literally couldn't switch my phone on without receiving ping notifications of us being mentioned on Facebook, Linkedin, & Twitter, but I never expected to have succeeded in having our content go viral on Facebook.

So how did we do it? I had no clue. I mean, I had some idea of what I think we'd been doing right, but the accountant in me told me that I needed to investigate just a little bit further...because if we had accidentally stumbled on a real recipe for Social Media Marketing success here, we could pinpoint it, share it with our TRIBE, share it with entrepreneurs across the globe and replicate the process to apply to our other Social Channels, like Youtube and Instagram, for example.

I delved deeper into our reporting results, but only managed to confuse myself. I couldn't pinpoint what we had done RIGHT. And then I attended Suman S Pattar's Spice Up Your Instagram 2021 Training Crash Course and it clicked...

What did we do right? Now I know! And I'm ready to share it with all of you thanks to Suman S Pattar! So here we go - this is what we did to go viral on accident:

Step 1 in Going Viral: We created content that resonates with our target audience members.

See social media marketing, I've learnt now, is a little bit like fishing... If you think of how you fish... If you put meat on your fishing rod and then throw the bait into shark infested waters you're pretty likely to attract sharks... If you use another type of bait that is attractive to another type of fish and then you make sure to throw that bait into the water where your target fish species hang out... the chances of you catching your target type fish becomes...better...and the more you learn from experience...the more you learn about exactly what bait to throw out and where to throw it out so that you have the best chance of catching your desired fish species...

Social Media Marketing is similar to this, because what you are trying to do is...produce content (bait) that will resonate with your audience, then position the content (bait) on social media in a space where your target audience (fish) hangs out... and hope for the best... The aim of the game at this point is not necessarily to sell anything, but to attract the customers that are most likely to eventually buy from you to you and set them up with a communication channel so they can start engaging with your brand, content, what you offer, etc. until they see an offer from you that is so irresistable that they can't help but bite...

This is different from direct/ manual marketing in that manual marketing (the only other marketing strategy I've really known and used up to this point) is more like you going out to every single person you can find on social, with the same bait, and only figuring out what type of fish they are once you've offered them the bait and they either turned it down or became interested. Direct marketing, for me, is then more like you offering meat (bait) to sharks, flounders, seabass, salmon, guppies, wales, dolphins, etc. and hoping for the best... Where viral marketing is more like putting out the bait and then waiting for a school of the desired fish species to figure out that it is there.

Does that make sense? I hope it does, because its one of the only ways I can explain the concepts to myself to have it makes sense to me...(again, someone that knows nothing about marketing, but everything about entrepreneurship!).

This was a lightbulb moment for me and for Steven Levy - one of our TRIBE members and Global Business Transformation Coach at Dare2Be Coaching and Beyond who was so inspired by this lightbulb moment that he had to capture the moment via photo and make our day right on the training session!

It was a very difficult concept to figure out and one I'm still kind of struggling to wrap my head around, every now and again! So for now, I'm going to leave you with this, but I'll be back next time to tell you more about HOW exactly we went about creating the content that resonated with our audience, including delving into our Top Engaging Posts and Analysing what made them Special... What made them newsworthy and more importantly, what made them go viral, because now that I understand this process a bit more - thanks to Suman S Pattar - I am convinced that this is something that every entrepreneur needs to know! And if the concepts are hard for you to master - don't fret! It's hard for me too! Which is why I am taking the time to write out everything that Suman helped me figure out...before I forget... LOL

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Until next time!

Yours in Business, Networking & Entrepreneurship

Nestene Botha (CA)SA RA

Chief Executive Dreamer