Li'l Miss Pack-Away #ASommervilleStory

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

“Write a blog for us. You were a teacher, so you can write right!”

That’s when my heart fell into my shoes, and kind of stayed there awhile. I can write yes, but for a GLOBAL company! Now, that’s scary!

How do you write a blog? I’ve never done that before. This is a real challenge. I was scared.

Then came along my TRIBE buddy Steven Westwood. What a life-saver! He wrote a blog, How to Write a Winning Blog Post in 8 Easy-to-Follow Steps, which definitely helped guide me. He even gave me a call to check up on me and give me a few pointers. I was at least 70% of the way there.

But nope! I still couldn’t get it on paper. Then one of our newest Tribe-mates Shaina Quick wrote a blog called, “Doing things scared...and some financial tips to get you started”. In this blog post, she explains that every entrepreneur at some point in their journey is scared...but they do what's necessary anyway because that's just what entrepreneurs do. It resonated so much with how I was feeling! I just had to force myself to sit down and do it. #DoItScared

So let me tell you a short story…..

There once was a little girl with pigtails. She was cute as a button and bright as a sparkle. She loved helping her mommy in the kitchen to make supper and bake cakes. Mommy would ask her oftentimes to take out the ingredients needed for dinner.

“Okay, Mommy!” she would say, and off to the cupboards, she would go and put everything needed on the counters. Afterward, Mommy would ask her Li'l daughter to pack everything away before she dished up. Everything vanished off the counters like magic and were in their correct places.

As the little girl got older she started thinking a bit more in advance and put everything out before Mommy asked. This oftentimes was a blessing. It was a time-saver for a busy, working mommy.

Then came one day where things didn’t quite work out to plan. Mommy came home early from work, and her now teenage daughter was in her room studying. She emerged from under her pile of books to get a snack and found no-one in the kitchen... but the counters were full of stuff! Some of the items were supposed to stay cold! Why were they outside the fridge??

So like a good daughter, she packed everything away in its rightful place and went back to immersing herself in her pile of books. Then came a great big shout from the kitchen, “MISS PACK-AWAY!!”

Turns out Mommy had started preparing for dinner early and put her ingredients on the counter. During the few minutes she was gone, Li'l Miss Pack-away packed everything that Mommy had laid out on the counters, to prepare dinner with, away!

Ever since those times I have loved organizing and sorting messes out. It’s most people’s dreaded activity, but for me, it’s like a drug – I JUST HAVE TO! It can be any type of “mess”! Cupboards, laundry, beads, photos, digital filing, and even an inbox with 50,000 emails. This is part of the reason why I love being a Virtual Assistant.

I get to sort out “messes” and make entrepreneurs smile. I love to enrich entrepreneurs' digital lives by automating everything as much as possible. I also take on tasks that are weighing them down so that they can spend their time doing the things that matter and that they are naturally good at. It's literally a case of helping them outsource their weaknesses so they can focus on their strengths!

So my best advice to our entrepreneurs out there?

Don’t try to be a super-hero and do everything yourself, because you don’t

have to! There are awesome people out there who want to help you and make your life easier, better, and more effective. There are people, like me and my stunning TRIBE who want to help you grow and succeed. And you can only do that when you are outsourcing your weaknesses and focusing on doing what you are naturally good at!

So, if you ever need a Ms. Pack-away, you know where to find me! And if you liked this #SommervilleStory, don't worry - I've got many more in the pipeline. We're writing a book now because that is what we do in this tribe! We move and we shake and through the power of collaboration and tribe we take all our businesses to the very next level! #DoItScared #NextLevelNetworking #PowerOfTribe #ASommervilleStory #EveryoneNeedsASommerville

About the Author

Sommerville is our resident virtual assistant and founder of The Sommerville Agency. She's known for sorting out messes, organizing everything, and generally being the solution to every entrepreneur's everyday problems. That's why, in our TRIBE, the answer to every problem is: #HaveYouMetASommerville? and the tagline for every solution is #EveryoneNeedsASommerville.

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