Online Business Surthrival Tip #1 - Get found on Google

When moving into, or playing in, the online business space - the number #1 tip I can give you is: Let your customers find you!

A strong online presence is the first step toward success. Your customers and prospects need to be able to find you! You can be the best in your profession, the absolute best at what you do - if no one knows; how will they find you?

Ask yourself this, when was the last time you went out to eat at a new restaurant or planned to go see a new movie and did not look it up online first? Chances are, you did some research beforehand and it's extremely likely that your customers are doing the same. When customers and prospects look you up online, make sure they can find you and that the information they come across is accurate.

The secret equation to generating revenue as an online business therefore literally is:

Get Found + Increase Traffic = Growth in Revenue

If you're anything like me, however, you might be having heart palpitations right now. I'm not a SEO specialist - not at all. In fact I can gaurantee you SEO has never ever been taught as part of the Chartered Accountancy curriculum. However, I am a researcher and a networker, which is why I've gone out of my way to get you the top 5 tips from our digital services experts on how to rank on google! And I am happy to share them with you here now:

Get Found on Google Top Tip #1

Get your business onto the list

Simply put, a business needs accurate and up-to-date contact information to be available when and where potential customers search for it. Business listing citation volume and accuracy are major factors in improving a local business's organic search ranking. There are hundreds of sites where listings appear. If you're new at the game, make sure, as a minimum, your business is listed on:

Get Found on Google Top Tip #2

Make sure your listings speak to each other and are valid, accurate and complete

Consumers depend on accurate listings when searching for a local businesses online. Incorrect business listings lead to lost sales opportunities, frustrated consumers, and weakened search rankings. In fact, 73% of consumers stated that they lose trust in a brand when an online listing shows incorrect information. Therefore, accurate listings are considered to be an essential component of the local marketing stack.

You also want your listings to consistently speak to each other and give the same information. For example, make sure you don't give one contact number on Facebook and another on Linkedin. This confuses customers (and Google!) and diminishes your chances of ranking.

The easiest way to ensure that this holds true for your online business listings is to perform a mini-audit on your listings across the board on a regularly basis, at least monthly to start with. This can be done manually, but do yourself a favor, and save yourself a ton of time and frustration and checkout our free listings builder tool to help you find and fix all those tiny irritating discrepencies in your online listings. As an avid user of this tool myself I can testify that it is easy to use and fast to produce results

Get Found on Google Top Tip #3

Use the right (key)words to describe your business online

Getting found across the web is only the first step; what every business wants to do next is outrank their competition. By utilizing a wide array of tactics, such as both onsite and offsite SEO, you’ll be showing up before your competitors, which means your customers will be clicking on your business first.

If you're not sure where to start with this step, first of all - it's okay, I sure wasn't! Secondly, get yourself some support. You're first step here is to make sure whomever build/ is building your website has built it with SEO in mind. Next up you need to come up with keywords that your customers will use to search for your business. If you're clever about the keywords you pick you'll find that you'll achieve ranking more easily. Check out, for example, this video with one of our ranking and social media marketing experts and proud #ProTechMentor - Miss Kiff where she explains step by step how to pick keywords that will make it easier for you to rank on the first page of google.

Once you've found your keywords you want to make sure that you use them consistently, across the board in all your listings, write-ups, etc. This lets google (and your customers) know that whenever those words are used by a potential customer to search for something; they have a good chance of finding what they looking for on your site. Is it starting to make sense?

If not - that's okay - we're not down and out just yet ;). I know this step can be overwhelming! Which is why we've developed our Online Audit Tool. It gives you access to a report that can be used as a roadmap to improving your ranking on google. It shows you exactly, and in simple terms for non-SEO experts (like myself); what action to take to improve your ranking on Google. I think, if you don't know where to start, or even if you do - start here! It just gives you that piece of mind that you know where you're going and also how to get there.

Parting words

So there you have it my fellow #EconomicWarriors. My top tip for you on how to surthrive the Online Business Space - take steps to make sure you get found on google first. I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions for our Online Ranking experts in this regards please feel free to get in contact with me. I'll happily point you in the right direction :).

Until next time - have a beatiful day further!

Yours in business,



Nestene Botha is a Registered Auditor, Chartered Accountant, Tax Practitioner, proud #ProTechMentor and one of the founders of Explore ProTech. The expertise she contributes to Explore ProTech spans the fields of entrepreneurship, business, training, course building, coaching, marketing, networking, writing and more. Hence why the team has dubbed her their “Chief Executive Dreamer”. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs find, unlock and unleash their inner value - in life and in business.

Surthrive/ surthriving is a term we use at Explore ProTech to describe the natural phenomenon that takes place when an entrepreneur that has #ThatNeverGiveUpAttitude finally succeeds in pushing their business out of survival mode and into 'surthirival' mode. The term is an amalgamation of the words "Survive" and "Thrive" and describes a state of being which is dynamic, successful, entrepreneurial, unstoppable and that ultimately leads to unlocking abundance for all parties involved in and in close proximity to the business venture.

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