Suman S Pattar - Spice up Your Instagram Course Review

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

I literally just got off the Zoom Training Session with Suman S Pattar for her Spice Up Your Instagram 2021 Course...and I am writing this review right away, because honestly, I was blown away!

She gave us insiders tips like you wouldn't believe and practical tips and tricks that is definitely going to help all of us take our businesses to the next level.

The training included helping us understand the difference between cold, warm and hot audiences and how to go about taking them on our customer journey, which she also helped us refine right on the training session. She also showed us how to use an incredible instagram planning app to create engaging content for Instagram in seconds, using best practice captions and pictures built into the app.

On top of this she helped us setup our linktree accounts right on the call so we all walked away with:

- Properly setup accounts

- Revamped social media accounts

- An improved customer journey

- Many ideas for our own social media content creation work

- An understanding of what our target markets are currently searching for and talking about on social and where to find updated reports on this on a regular basis

- A content planner for our 90 day strategies

- Personal review of all our social media accounts, with personal suggestions on how to make the tweaks and changes that will help us to double our lead generation, acquisition, subscription, conversion and every single other stage in our respective customer journeys

- All our social media marketing questions answered

She was so patient, welcoming, warm, engaging and you could see that, in terms of providing value, she literally held nothing back.

So would I recommend you do her Spice Up Your Instagram 2021 Crash Course? To be honest, if you are entrepreneur or social media marketing manager, you cannot afford not to.

And these are just some of the attendees that agree with me:

"Suman is by far the most professional, educated, creative and strategy builder I have ever met in my career. I just did her new Spice Up Your Instagram 2021 training and I was nothing short of blown away from the amazing content, training and tools. You are a blessing to know and a great teacher." Dawid Dorfling - Editor: Entrepreneurs Life Magazine; Host: Entrepreneurs Life Show

"Suman is incredible. I have done many social media marketing courses before, but they were nothing like this. She makes it so easy to follow her. She delivers practical value and insider tips like you wouldn't believe. This is definitely going to help me 265x my business in 2021!" Peter Hingston - Chief Collaboration Officer: Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven

"Born in the industrial age, but recognising the need to embrace and live in the digital marketing age, has been somewhat of a challenge or even a block for me, until I met a young lady Suman S. Pattar, a Digital Monetization Specialist, through Explore ProTech's Global Online Speed Networking Platform, who not only has the experience and expertise in this field, but speaks in a digital language that even I could understand and start implementing. I attended a 4hr workshop she presented this evening that held everyone's attention so much so that we did not want it to stop. I was absolutely blown away buy the incredible VALUE she provided, that was absolutely PRICELESS !!!

If you looking to monetize your business through Digital Marketing, it is a MUST to connect with this incredibly amazing young lady." Steven Levy - Global Business Transformation Coach: Dare2Be Coaching and Beyond

So there you have it - is the Instagram Spice Up Your Instagram 2021 Crash Course worth it? Yes - without a doubt. Check it out.

With lots of love from your favorite entrepreneurial haven!

Yours in Business,

Nestene Botha (CA)SA RA

Chief Executive Dreamer

Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven

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