“No one has ever become poor by giving.” – Anne Frank

EXPLORE PROTECH – An amazing company that goes out of their way to assist developing Fempreneurs one step at a time.

These wonderful people of whom I am fortunate to be part off, will inspire you to reach out and inspire others.

EXPLORE PROTECH is a small business that is trying to rebuild a Global economy:

  • one business at a time,

  • donating their time

  • helping fellow woman entrepreneurs develop in this Corvid 19 era.

I have experienced first-hand, with their current course – “The Fempreneur” - How a couple of extraordinary people and a hand full of amazing coaches have transformed 12 women like myself just by listening to their stories and watching their progress from:

  • confused,

  • barely coping

  • afraid of what the future holds,

into these extraordinarily strong businesswomen, in just a short time. The relationship created between them, assisting, and supporting each other was exceptional.

Why can you not change a person’s life; just by listening to them?

Please click and have a look at the available packages, maybe we can assist you or someone you know.

Here is just some of the packages available:


Annelize Engelbrecht is a proud member of the #ProTechTribe and one of our most attentive Client Relationship Managers. She always has the inside scoop on everything happening inside of the Explore ProTech community.

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