The Mighty Mentee Networking Personality Profile

Updated: Apr 18

You are Smart, Ambitious, Determined, Resilient, and Enigmatic.
The Mighty Mentee personality type means that you're a quick learner. Your superpowers shine when you're learning. You attract learning opportunities and mentors to you like butterflies to flowers...
Read on to learn more!!! Or take the quiz if you're not yet sure what type of networker you are!!!

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The Mighty Mentee Networking Personality Profile - The Networking Personality that launched a Global Magazine


You’re smart and ambitious and you won’t let any skills gap stand in the way of you achieving your entrepreneurial dreams. Your superpower is pure grit, determination, willpower, and your ability to learn. You’re everyone’s favorite person to mentor and you make a point of surrounding yourself with the right people who are all more than willing to mentor and support you in building your empire.

You know that if you can just get the chance to gain the skills you need, along with the support you need in order to develop those skills along with the blueprint to your empire there will be no stopping you.


You’ve learned all there is to know about entrepreneurship, networking, making connections, building relationships, strategy, marketing, monetization, negotiation, and public speaking. You’re on your way to the top and you're taking everyone that helped you on your way with you. You’re incredibly successful and because you’ve kind of ‘grown up in the spotlight - from baby entrepreneur to super boss, you have a trial of loyal followers supporting you and your empire all the way.


Finding people who are willing to believe in you to the point where they are willing to invest their time, skills, resources, and money in you is difficult! Explaining your plea to them in a way that gets them invested enough in your journey so you can learn from and with them is even more difficult. Everyone seems to be just guarding their own wickets right now and very few people care or care to the point where they are actually willing to be patient with you while you learn. This is a super vulnerable space to be in. At the same time, you KNOW that if they would give you half a chance you’d prove to them all what a born boss you are. It’s just getting their buy-in - that’s the difficult part right now.


No one wants to help you. You keep trying different things, taking different courses, but because you don’t have invested mentors the penny just hasn’t dropped. You’re running out of money, ideas, and steam. Sometimes you even think about giving up on the entrepreneurial journey and just getting a 9 to 5 again. You know that this is a waste of your potential and you can do so much better, but right now you just can’t seem to see the wood from the trees anymore and you get taken advantage of all the time.

Top Tips for You: How to avoid Hell and end up in Paradise:

  • Your best asset is your grit, determination, and ability to learn. Use that as leverage when bartering with other experts for learning opportunities! You don’t have to go the traditional route of taking course after course… There are entrepreneurs out there that would be more than happy to mentor you and transfer some practical skills in return for you helping them with some practical tasks. They will be ecstatic for finding the assistance they probably desperately need and you’ll be overjoyed because you get hands-on coaching and practical experience all in one go!

  • Don’t be scared to throw yourself into the deep end. The only way to learn to swim is to...well...swim! So go ahead and sign up for more than you bargained for, push yourself, learn more and more every day… Soon, you’ll be the master, grasshopper.

  • Be kind to yourself! It is okay to not know everything! I’ll tell you a secret - no one actually does! But when your best asset is grit, determination, and the ability to learn, and when you’re constantly learning and seeking out new opportunities for learning it is important to balance this out with lots of time dedicated to being kind to yourself! When you’re kind to yourself you’re taking care of your super-self by allowing your superpowers time to recharge. This keeps your willpower strong as steel and your mind sharp and ready to learn even more, faster, next time.

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Hi, I’m Nestene :)

I’m one of the co-founders of Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven. Our haven is the home of the Explore ProTech Tribe - a beautiful group of kind-hearted, supportive, experienced, and ambitious entrepreneurs from across the globe.

When you join our tribe you receive access to TONS of learning opportunities from experienced entrepreneurs across the globe.

"I LOVE learning at all the Explore ProTech Events, like:
- The Coffee Shop Conversations Show
- Tribe Training
- Global Online Speed Networking
- Local Online Speed Networking
My personal favorite is the Tribe Training where I get to learn from experts in various different fields in a SAFE space. It works well for me because it's a chance to learn everything I've ever wanted to know whilst building relationships with possible mentors and collaboration partners.
At the same time, you get to have coffee with experienced entrepreneurs from across the globe who will now recognize and treat you as if you're part of their business family - because that is exactly what our tribe has become - a business family!" Leonie Dorfling - Entrepreneurs Lifestyle Magazine

Want in?

We like to date people before we decide to expand our business family because we protect our own. The best way to get noticed so that you can receive an invitation to join the family is by booking a meeting with me and my co-founder, Peter.

We'll assess your business needs and commence the dating process by introducing you to a minimum of three key contacts from our tribe that will directly benefit your business and depending on your business needs, we might invite you to join us at our next networking event and/ or as a guest on our Coffee Shop Conversations Show.

Usually, a meeting with us will set you back 100USD, but if you're one of the first 1,000 entrepreneurs to complete our quiz, I'll send you a coupon code that will get you in for 25 USD ONLY (that's a 75% discount!)

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PS: Watch our Tribe Promo Video to see some of our tribe members in action and listen to what their experience of the tribe has been like.

PPS: This is what some of our tribe members have to say about us:

“Before I met the Explore ProTech TRIBE I had one client and I was battling to get more. I felt like a lonely little VA in a very big ocean. Peter found me on Linkedin and presented me with the opportunity to attend my first ever Global Online Speed Networking event on 27 September 2020. I also opted into attending the Next Level Networker training Nestene was offering at the time. I learned so much from that combined experience. I found a different way of doing things, an ‘easy’ way to get noticed and attract clients, many new connections, some of who went on to become paying clients! But even more than that...I found my TRIBE at this event. And for that, I will forever be grateful.” Sommerville Lombard - The Sommerville Agency

“I will be joining all the groups possible because it's been such a wonderful experience. It’s so interesting to see people from all over the world. It's more than just getting to know each other. It's just like you guys said in the beginning. It's more than a normal event where I’ll go and network with somebody during the lunch session. You actually create relationships. Maybe in two years' time when I go to Africa, I can meet up with some of you guys and we can have a drink! That’s something that I feel is amazing. You’re helping us to create more than just a relationship for work only. It’s a community. And that’s amazing.” Gabriel Luz- Inevent

“Without Explore ProTech, my business would have plodded along and slowly grew through word of mouth, Explore ProTech really accelerated that process in terms of reach.” Steven Levy - Dare2Be Coaching & Beyond

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Yours in Networking, Entrepreneurship & Friendship,


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