The Rising Star Networking Personality Profile

Updated: Apr 18

You are Magnetic, Bubbly, Fun, Charismatic, and a Natural Leader.
The Rising Star personality type means that you are an excellent public speaker. When you speak people listen. You attract followers like butterflies to flowers...
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The Rising Star Networking Personality Profile - The Networking Personality that unlocked referrals on TAP!


When you speak, people listen. You have a magnetic, bubbly personality. No matter what you do you always seem to be having so much fun! What’s your secret? People want to be around you because they’re attracted to the energy you exude. It’s like you’ve figured out some things in life that they still haven’t and they're dying to know - what’s your secret? You often get invited to networking events, parties and meetups, because everyone wants to be able to say that they know you.


You’re attending one networking event, speaking opportunity, and training opportunity after the other. Every single day you are able to showcase your shining personality and bring some sunshine into the lives of your followers. Speaking of which - you have many loyal followers and you know how to monetize this following. You’re living your best life - speaking, helping, and influencing others, whilst receiving passive income from all the assets that surround your shining personality.

The spotlight is shining on you and you're having fun! You have a team that is intuitive and understands how to support you. In fact, they hardly require any input from you but consistently do a great job! This has given you the support that you need to build a loyal following and some impressive passive income streams! These days you rarely waste time on admin. You have no filing to do and no mails to take care of! Your job is to party, network, talk to people and be yourself and you are loving it! Everyone wants to be around you and you love having so many adoring fans around for whom you genuinely care!


Even though you are an amazing speaker with a magnetic personality building up a loyal fan base with enough digital assets to create multiple passive income streams is still challenging. You are good at speaking and attracting people. Administration of things like customer relationship management, social media management, and video editing is something you don’t enjoy doing, are not naturally good at, and won’t make you famous. Your challenge hinges on being in the right place at the right time, with the right support network, social media, or, and admin assistance. However, when you’re building all this from scratch it can take quite a while to get there.


You never managed to find all the right people to support you on your entrepreneurial journey to stardom. At this stage, you’re pretty sure it will never happen. You still have your original sparkle, but sometimes you feel it getting dimmer as you’re stuck in the background doing the grunt work that brings in the money. You still dream of having a team behind you so that you can do more of what you’re good at, but right now you simply don’t have the time.

You've gotten bogged down in the details and you’re stuck doing the grunt work. Doing things you’re not good at feels like wasting time so you procrastinate a hell of a lot. Gaining momentum is hard because you have to do everything yourself. Being surrounded by the wrong people is draining and there sure seems to be a lot of them around you right now. This frustrates you, because it's so difficult to get people to see your vision. You find yourself needing to control the people because you just haven’t found the right people that are clear on what you want and how this benefits them! So you turn into a micro-manager and you hate this!!! You are so not living your best life right now and the frustrating thing is you KNOW you have the potential to have SO MUCH MORE, but you have no clue anymore on how to get there! :( This is exhausting.

Top Tips for You: How to avoid Hell and end up in Paradise:

  • You've got to find support from people around you that have a vested interest in seeing you succeed. This is where you need to use your creative negotiating powers to pull some strings so that you can do more of what you love (and are crazy good at!) and less of everything else… First, sit down and write out a list of everything that needs to be achieved in your business on a regular basis… Now highlight all the jobs that you hate to do… Now go find yourself the key people, whom you trust, and who love to do those jobs! Now swap jobs with them so you end up with more work you love and less of the work you hate.

  • Realize how important it is for you to be doing more of what you love and less of everything else. It can feel selfish. Old school entrepreneurs may even look down on you because ‘you’ve got your head in the clouds and ‘you're not willing to suffer for your craft’ or to ‘do whatever it takes.’ This is not true!!! With your kind of personality - you naturally have a gift for attracting a following!!! This is a huge, huge advantage! Because with the following comes social capital, leverage, monetization opportunities, and more. When you aren't in the right headspace though, this superpower starts to fade...and you find it more difficult to… shine! You therefore actually have a responsibility to take care of your super-self and realize that it is irresponsible to do more of everything else if doing this is going to result in your personality fading! This is true for all networking personalities, but especially for you.

  • You don’t like managing people so don’t go the employee route when establishing a team to support you! Rather find a tribe of good people that will give you access to experts from all different industries that you can pick and choose from - then barter with them. You can promote them at your spotlight gigs and they can pay for this by doing some of your admin...or something like that… They’ll probably be more than happy for not having to find and own their own spotlight and you’ll be more than happy because you’ll spend less time outside the spotlight and more time in it. It's a win-win.

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Hi, I’m Nestene :)

I’m one of the co-founders of Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven. Our haven is the home of the Explore ProTech Tribe - a beautiful group of kind-hearted, supportive, experienced, and ambitious entrepreneurs from across the globe.

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My personal favorite is the Tribe Training where I get to mentor other Tribe Mates, showcasing my personality and expertise at the same time. It works well for me because it's a chance to build relationships on a one-to-many basis.

AND you get to meet with, get to know, and barter with a whole TRIBE of excellent, ambitious entrepreneurs from across the globe so that you can do less of what you suck at and more of what you excel at!"

Caryn Greeff - Fascinatein7

Want in?

We like to date people before we decide to expand our business family because we protect our own. The best way to get noticed so that you can receive an invitation to join the family is by booking a meeting with me and my co-founder, Peter.

We'll assess your business needs and commence the dating process by introducing you to a minimum of three key contacts from our tribe that will directly benefit your business and depending on your business needs, we might invite you to join us at our next networking event and/ or as a guest on our Coffee Shop Conversations Show.

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Nestene Botha (CA)SA RA

Chief Executive Dreamer - Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven

PS: Watch our Tribe Promo Video to see some of our tribe members in action and listen to what their experience of the tribe has been like.

PPS: This is what some of our tribe members have to say about us:

“Before I met the Explore ProTech TRIBE I had one client and I was battling to get more. I felt like a lonely little VA in a very big ocean. Peter found me on Linkedin and presented me with the opportunity to attend my first ever Global Online Speed Networking event on 27 September 2020. I also opted into attending the Next Level Networker training Nestene was offering at the time. I learned so much from that combined experience. I found a different way of doing things, an ‘easy’ way to get noticed and attract clients, many new connections, some of who went on to become paying clients! But even more than that...I found my TRIBE at this event. And for that, I will forever be grateful.” Sommerville Lombard - The Sommerville Agency

“I will be joining all the groups possible because it's been such a wonderful experience. It’s so interesting to see people from all over the world. It's more than just getting to know each other. It's just like you guys said in the beginning. It's more than a normal event where I’ll go and network with somebody during the lunch session. You actually create relationships. Maybe in two years' time when I go to Africa, I can meet up with some of you guys and we can have a drink! That’s something that I feel is amazing. You’re helping us to create more than just a relationship for work only. It’s a community. And that’s amazing.” Gabriel Luz - Inevent

“Without Explore ProTech, my business would have plodded along and slowly grew through word of mouth, Explore ProTech really accelerated that process in terms of reach.” Steven Levy - Dare2Be Coaching & Beyond

Chat soon! Remember to book your meeting with us!

Yours in Networking, Entrepreneurship & Friendship,


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