The Secret of Storytelling

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

So this Era is all about Storytelling..

But you feel, you don't have a story to tell. So should you make One up?

Definitely NOT!

You think your life, your journey has been too boring.

Why would anybody, want to know? What difference does it make?

It makes ALL the difference.. not to you maybe, but maybe to someone going through similar challenges as you. Your story tells them, THEY are not alone.

Some of the biggest Hollywood hits, of all times have been stories of Ordinary people, living ordinary lives...

You story may seem dull to you, but you never know, who it could inspire.

But, just like an undecorated Mansion, is no fun to live in.. Similarly, your story needs beautiful words to adorn it..

What made those movies into Classics? Artful direction and Narration.

The secret lies not in the story, but how you tell it.

So don't be afraid to share your story, there is something extraordinary in everyone's life. Identify that!

Be vulnerable, be genuine, see the humor in things.. And your story will be loved!

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