The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop is our basecamp. It's our safe space. It's where we go after a hard day of entrepreneurial graft to just hang out, relax and be ourselves. Its where our tribe meets, where brilliant new entrepreneurial projects and ventures are conceptualised, where we check in with each other, inspire each other, support each other, advise each other...and do business. And it is only accessible to the #ProTechTribe members. It's different from any other place you would go to do business, because every deal concluded starts with a simple "How are you doing today?" and every massively exciting collaborative entrepreneurial project starts with just getting along with the members in here. The coffee shop is more than a place to do business, it's a dynamic, a movement, a safe place for all our entrepreneurs and it all started with a Whatsapp Group called The ProTech Coffee Shop; conceptualised, created and monitored by one of our founding members - the one and only creator of teams, dynamics and safe spaces - Peter HingstonSign up for anyone of our membership packages to get access to all sections of The Coffee Shop or continue as an Economic Ally / Economic Warrior to access all free sections of the coffee shop. 

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